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People have been looking a lot for camping,bicycles &video games.

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  • Owner

    Everyone wants what you own.

    Did you know that, on average, every household has more than € 3,000 invested on unused items? Your neighbor's need might just be laying on your garage.

    You are 100% safe with our SafeStuff Guarantee that automatically covers all your items.

    Set up your online rental shop today.

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  • Renter

    Buying is a thing from the past.

    We are more than 10,000 thinking same way: why buy when you can rent?

    Whether it's a camera to use for your freelance job or dj equipment for a perfect evening with your friends, there are over 3,000 unique items at your fingertips.

    Waste less, save the planet and some money along the way!

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  • Ricardo Machado

    I love technology and Rnters have been helping me a lot! On one hand, it allows me to rent equipment to other people for one-off jobs (or even out of curiosity) for a fraction of the value of new equipment. On the other hand, I've already monetised my GoPro and other photography equipment several times, renting them on days I don't need them. Totally recommend Rnters!

    Ricardo Machado
  • Pedro Freitas

    I've been a member for almost two years, in addition to never had any problems, I already retrieved the money I spent on my GoPro. The concept is excellent, and the staff is very helpful and accessible, therefore I don't see myself leaving Rnters anytime soon.

    Pedro Freitas
  • Gil Peraboa

    Rnters is a platform that will revolutionise audiovisual professionals who had to pay a lot for expensive equipment, now available at a very affordable daily rate.

    Gil Peraboa
  • Tomás Cardoso

    Rnters is the ideal place to not buy things that I only need occasionally, and to retrieve some of the money invested in things I have.

    Tomás Cardoso
  • pedal_bike

    Access over ownership

    Access more than 3,000 unique items anytime at a fraction of the buying cost.

  • pedal_bike

    Have fun and save money

    Did you know that, on average, renting is 90% cheaper than buying?

  • pedal_bike

    Help our planet!

    Adopt new habits: Fight waste, unecessary buying and extend the lifetime of all our items for a better tomorrow.

How to rent during COVID-19?

Rnters Covid Alert


At this point in time, we are not actively encouraging direct contact between our users. If you need to rent a product in the near future, we highly suggest you follow these steps:

  • Use a service that allows you to rent without having to leave your home (like Glovo);
  • Talk to the owner before renting and make sure you'll receive a disinfected item;
  • Return the product in the same condition as you received it and disinfect it again.