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People have been looking a lot for gopros, smartphones & equipment for events.

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Renting your stuff has never been so safe!

Get to know our SafeStuff guarantee!

Our main goal at Rnters is to build a community where it is safe to rent any item.

Hence we have in place this Guarantee that covers all the items available on Rnters. In case that your item has any issue during the rental period, you will always be covered by our guarantee, for up to 1.500€.

Hoplite Guarantee up to €1.500
003 online shop Covers all items
24 hours Support 24/7
Carlota vaz
Excellent service! Renting my Thermomix to events has been a great extra source of income.
Kitchen Robot
Francisco barosa
Josh is an Erasmus student who rented my surfboard to enjoy our fantastic waves!
Jorge redondo
I couldn't imagine I could profit so much, safely, from something I don't use everyday!


The Rnter rents an item

The Rnter uses the platform services commission free
Refund given if the product is not as expected
Your payment is kept safe until the rental period is over


The Owner monetizes his items

The Owner is safeguarded from damages to his items
In the event of a cancellation the Owner receives part of what had been agreed
We keep a 20% commission on all transactions to ensure the best service

How it works

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Check Availability

Select the rental start and end dates to check the availability of the item. If available, press BOOK to make the payment.

Because we keep your money during the entire transaction, we are prepared to make the return in the event of any unforeseen occurrence.



When paying the rental, the article is reserved for the dates selected.

We keep your money during every transaction so we can make the return until the meeting with the owner.


Owner's Contacts

We'll exchange your contacts soon after the rental. Contact the owner and arrange the meeting.

Also, we will give you a PIN that you must exchange for the article after verifying that the product is in the perfect conditions that you deserve.

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Return and evaluate

Returns the item on the final rental date and receives the Owner's PIN.

Evaluations are very important for community safety. Invest in a good review.


Rent any item you need straight from its Owner safely and easily.


After meeting with the owner enjoy your item!


When your rental period comes to an end all you need to do is return the item to the owner.

Safely rent what you own to individuals and businesses.
A bike or a college textbook. A wedding dress or a GoPro. Find it here, or we'll find it for you.
Easily earn an additional income by renting what you own.
Join Portugal's largest renting community and take advantage of opportunities near you.
Enjoy the most practical way of renting.
When you rent you reduce your carbon footprint. Here we do it together.

Do you own things you don't use?

Rent your items in a fast, comfortable and safe way.

Monetize What You Own