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  • Who are we?             

    Rnters is a platform for renting all kinds of goods. Here you can monetize articles you do not use in your day-to-day life or renting articles for a fraction of the price of the purchase.

  • What is an Rnter?             

    An Rnter is someone who rents an article that belongs to someone else. This way it avoids spend as much money as if you were buying the article.

  • What is an Owner?             

    An Owner is someone who rents your articles to others for a price and during a limited period of time.

  • Is it possible to be both a Rnter and an Owner?             

    Yes! We hope that everyone will be able to withdraw value from the platform both in the role of Rnter as Owner, using the same profile.

  • I can not find the confirmation email in my mailbox.             

    At this time, the confirmation email will take a few minutes to arrive. If you do not see it in the main box may be in the secondary mail folder or spam / junk.

  • How can I control the security of my articles?             

    It was for this reason that we introduced the system of PINs and card payments. credit. PINs can avoid problems related to status of the object either at delivery or return. Transfers with credit card allows the Owner to charge the value of the product if it is damaged or stolen.

  • How does the PIN system work?             

    When a reservation is made, Rnter receives a four-digit PIN from the platform. Upon receiving the Owners article he has the chance to test it and check if it is in conditions that satisfy it. When the Rnter gives the PIN to the Owner, the rental period begins  and Rnter takes full responsibility for the product until the end of the rental period.


    The Owner will also receive a platform PIN code near the end of the rental. When Rnter returns the product to be inspected and tested. If Owner is satisfied gives Rnter the PIN he received and as soon as Rnter inserts it into the platform the rental period ends and the money is automatically transferred to the Owners bank account.

  • Is there a security deposit?             

    No, Rnters has no collateral. We have other security mechanisms that are more convenient for both Rnter and Owner. These are the PIN system and the payment  with credit cards. The pin system is used to check the state of the  beginning and end of the rental period. Payment by credit card enables us to   the collection of the value of the product if it is lost, destroyed or damaged.

  • How do appraisals work?             

    Evaluations are a way to get feedback on experiences that users have with each other. In this way, the best users are rewarded and the worst penalized. The assessment consists of written testimony and an assessment of one to five stars.

  • Can I take out insurance for my articles?             

    At this time it is not possible to create insurance for your articles.

  • What do I have to pay Rnters?             

    We charge all Owners 20% of what they have earned by monetizing their products. It is charge is made as soon as Rnter makes the payment.

  • Who contacts who?             

    It should be Rnter to start the contact. If I have not done so, nothing prevents the Owner to start the conversations.

  • How do tags work?             

    Tags can be attached to each article to make searching easier. This way you can find an article called "Surfboard" when searching for "Sports" if Owner has put this tag.

  • Is it safe to put my address on the site?             

    Yes. The address will not be shared until the reservation is paid and is only used to give a approximate location of the article when doing a search. No need to detail number of floors or door. Example: Avenida da Liberdade, 22 Lisboa.

  • What if I break or lose someones article?             

    Rnters recommends that both parties reach an amicable agreement, but if necessary we reserve the right to intervene by sharing personal data with the authorities competent and using the credit card to compensate injured parties in full or partial amount of the article. For more information on this subject, please check our "Terms of Service".

  • What if someone broke or lost one of my articles?             

    If you can not resolve the dispute with Rnter contact us so we can to help. Remember, through the Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to charge the amount suitable for Rnter credit card. You will not be harmed.

  • What if you want to cancel a rental?             

    If you want to cancel a rental you have to contact the Rnters team through email and take into account the following scenarios:

    1. If you are an Rnter and want to cancel the rental more than 24 hours, you will be entitled to one   reimbursement of 80% of the total amount already paid. If you want to cancel less than 24 hours or   not appear at the place and time previously agreed with the Owner, shall not be entitled to   to reimbursement. Rnters reserves the right to cover administrative costs and damages   caused to the Owner.
    2. If you are an Owner and want to cancel the rental for more than 24 hours, Rnter will receive   a full refund and the Owner will be indebted to Rnters for the costs   involved. If in turn you want to cancel the rental less than 24   hours, Rnter will receive a full refund and the Owner will be indebted to Rnters   of the total amount of commission to receive from this rental. Owners must be responsible   by managing the availability of your articles.

For more detailed information consult our Terms of Use and Agreement.